Are you interested in improving your:

                  Concentration?                Energy level?                           

Leadership Skills?          Sense of responsibility?

                   Self-Confidence?            Flexibility?

Knowledge of Self-Defense?


                           It is my pleasure to have this great opportunity to welcome you to the art of Kung Fu and Tae Kwon-Do.

                   I strive very hard to offer a professional facility and a complete program that improves both the mind and    body of each member. It is our goal to pursue maximum results in which both the member and the school can be proud of. Your instructors are fully trained to understand each member's unique needs. We offer numerous courses depending on your goals and what you would like to accomplish through the program. In any case, we promise you that we will be here to assist you both personally and professionally.

    "Martial Arts" offers more than a fun way of physical exercise or a quest for a particular level.  It is a learning process for expansion of your mental and physical skills.  If you are serious about acquiring the true benefits, I encourage all students to commit their first goal to that of first "Dan (degree) of black belt". 

                       Knowledge can come quickly, but true undertanding,

                                   and wise use of it comes only with                          

                                                       Time, Practice, and Patience.

Master Mehrdad Valian