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In addition to our Tae Kwon Do for Kids program, LIFETIME Martial Arts is proud to offer the Taekwondo for Tiny Tigers program. This program focuses on building life skills for preschool age kids ages 3-6. We focus on building character qualities such as

  • confidence

  • attitude

  • respect.

The rank system used by the Tigers differs slightly than that of the Tae Kwon Do for Kids.

Tiny Tigers work in 'half-steps' for their belt material, demonstrate half of the form during testing. While all new white belt Tiny Tigers may earn an orange belt after the first testing, their journey between each color belt is marked by earning a new belt.

Tiny Tigers earn eight belts as follows:


2 Green


4- Red

5- Brown

Not only kids will love the belts, parents will appreciate how they reinforce our "Life Skills" program and help kids understand the many ways they can apply their Tae kwon do lessons.

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